Nurture Dog



A new addition... our new Nurture Pup!

As you are all hopefully aware, The Arches has been working super hard for the last 2 years to become one of the only schools in the North West to gain the ‘Nurturing Schools Award’ from the Nurture Network. This complements the work going on in ‘The Snug,' our accredited Nurture Room. It has always been our intention to get a ‘Nurture dog,' as there is a significant amount of research in place that outlines the many benefits to having a dog in school, but it has never been a possibility until now…

Sadly, my beloved dog Archie, passed away aged 12 in January and my family have decided, that whilst Archie could never be replaced, it is time for us to get a puppy. I would like to share this puppy with the children at The Arches, as our  ‘Nurture dog in training.'

Our puppy is called Reuben and he is an Irish Setter. Whilst slightly dizzy, Setters have a reputation for being very loving, loyal and great with children. I have raised Irish Setters for 14 years and can vouch for all of the above (if they can take my 4 year old they can take anything!).

Children will be able to interact with Reuben, on the days he accompanies me to school, under strict supervision from myself as long as parental permission has been given. He will not be given access to other visitors without supervision and mutual consent.

I am the legal owner of Reuben and will bear all costs for his upbringing, care and training. THERE IS NO COST TO THE SCHOOL. 

We understand that it is not possible for all families to have a dog and therefore see this as a fantastic opportunity for children to have a ‘share’ in a dog and gain from building a relationship with him.

Of course, having a dog in school is a new experience for all, so we will treat this half term as a trial period before planning for the Autumn term.

We would very much welcome your questions or queries, but in the meantime please see the attached sheet of frequently asked questions.

Kind regards,

Michelle Ashfield


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