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We meet at least twice every half term to help to keep our digital citizens safe.

Safety is about much more than who we are friends with on Instagram!  We should always use technology safely and respectfully.  Here are some top tips for digital citizenship.  

Are you using social media?  You know that you should be 13 to use SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and 16 to use WhatsApp.  Are these companies doing enough to keep you safe?  Find out what the NSPCC think the government should do here.

If you have any issues or concerns about you or your child's digital citizenship, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I am always happy to offer advice.

Please read our latest eSafety Champions Newsletter at the bottom of this page.

We were thrilled to work with Cheshire Youth Commission in 2018-2019.  Read their annual report here.

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Please have a look at our eSafety workshop presentation HERE


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