Roman Dewa Experience

Lesson: History

Class: Violet Year: 2017 - 2018


As part of our Roman topic this term, Violet and Indigo were lucky enough to spend the day in Chester as real life Roman soldiers! At the Cheseter Roman Dewa Experience, year 3 had the chance to head back to Roman times whilst taking part in a real life Roman city patrol. Whilst there, year 3 looked at a variety of topics as part of our Roman experience;

  • Pottery
  • Archaeology
  • Health, hygiene and medicine
  • Food and drink
  • Roman artefacts 

Before our Roman patrol, Violet had a grand tour of the reconstructions, excavations and Roman museum - what an experience! Travelling back in time to the ancient time of the Romans, Violet were able to gain a deeper understanding of how the Romans lived and the differences between time then and in modern society today. 

Next came the Roman patrol! With shields at the ready and soldiers paired up, Violet set off on their journey through the city. On this journey, Violet visited the Roman Gardens, Chester's Roman amphitheatre and learned the everyday procedures of Roman soldiers! After role play battles and many steps of marching, by the end of the session Violet were fully fledged Roman soldiers able to; 

  • Prepare for battle
  • Defend the balls
  • Form a testudo

We would like to thank all of the staff and soliders at Chester City's Roman Dewa Experience, what a brilliant day we had all round! Take a look at our photos to jump back in time and become a Roman just like us...