Year 4


Our topic this Summer term is ... Anglo Saxons and Scots

Autumn Term - Chocolate

During this year, we have looked at chocolate and the history of it. We reserched The Axtecs and Hernando Cortes, who was a spanish invasder and around when chocolate was discovered. We were also extremly lucky to be able to take part in a chocolate workshop where we made our very own chocolate hedgehogs. As well as much much more. Take a look at our floorbook to se our work. 

Spring Term - Rainforests 

During Spring, our topic was The Rainforest. This topic allowed us to do lots of work with maps and we located countries around the world. We also found out that Rainforests are near to the equator and we learnt about the Tropics  Our Rainforest topic fitted in well with our English, where we read the text The Shamns apprentice,after learning the text and producing some fantastic writing, we created a non-chronological report all about Rainforests. Additionally, we used the iPads to publish our non-chronolocial reports. 

Don't forget to look at our pictures below. 

Summer Term - Anglo Saxons and Scots

We have just began our last topic all about The Anglo Saxons and Scots, we started the topic with a knowledge harvest where we looked at what we already knew about them and then we created a new knowledge harvest and discussed what we would like to know. 

We have looked at what happened when The Romans left Britain and how The Scots divided Britain into four kingdoms. We learnt about two brothers called Hengest and Horsa who came to help King Vortigern but they ended up liking Britain and stayed! We imagined we were one of the brothers and wrote about what we did.

Keep an eye out for our pictures below!

Topics in Year 4 Computing

In Year 4 we use iPads and laptops to help us learn about computing. We build on what we have learned in Year 3 on Scratch to introduce selection to our programs

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