The Lost Boy

Amethyst were given the great privilege of being involved in the 'Theatre in the Quarter's Lost Boy. This was a production focused on the plight of the refugee crisis. The class initially took part in a very soul searching workshop before visiting St Mary's Centre to watch the full production.

Following this, Amethyst put together their own assembly which was presented to their parents and performed to the whole school - twice! 



The children were given a back story and asked to create their own freeze frames. The members of the family included Dad, Mum, Uncle, Aunty and children. In turn, each group explained their thoughts at that moment in time.


Click on the audio link located at the bottom of the page to hear the back story.


Look at each freeze frame and read the thoughts of each character.

Group 1


Mum: As I was packing, I heard a deafening bomb hit the house.

Dad: I'm running away to sea and never returning again.

Daughter: Help, I'm dying!

Son: I'm emotional but trying to fight my tears.

Aunty: My niece got hit by an explosive device.

Uncle: I'm a warrior, I'll defend my family.


Group 2


Son: We are splitting up in pairs because it will be easier to get across the border.

Dad: Now we should say our last goodbyes.

Mum: We need to get our stuff ready.

Gran: We are saying our goodbyes because we need to get over the border as soon as possible.

Son: Goodbye, family and friends.

Uncle: This might be our last breath.


Group 3


Son: We have chosen these positions to express our feelings about leaving our family and home.

Daughter: This is a sad time.

Dad: Nothing could prevent this awful event from happening.

Uncle: As the uncle of the family it is hard to see them suffer.


Group 4


Dad: The reason this beloved family...

Uncle: ... has formed this circle...

Gran: ... is to sacrifice themselves...

Child: ... to protect...

Child: ... the youngest child.

Mum: Please help to protect the people who are fleeing from other countries.


Group 5


Dad: The sea is safer than land, it's too dangerous for us. Shall we go on a boat?

Child: This could be the last time we see each other. I hope we make it out alive.

Uncle: We should split up because it will be easier to get to the border.

Child: We split up into two groups because we would have more chance of making it to the border.

Mum: This is what it would be like for refugees.  


Following the assembly, an Amethyst parent contacted Theatre in the Quarter to leave this message.



Some comments from other Amethyst parents following the assembly:


Today's assembly was very moving and emotional.


Thought the assembly was very moving and thought provoking. Well done Year 5.


What an amazing assembly. It makes us think how lucky we are.


Very well presented. Emotional but important to put things into perspective.


Thought provoking, informative and heart wrenching.


It was very moving seeing how hard the refugees have it in life.


This is the first time I have visited and feel that the children and assembly will leave a lasting and thoughtful impression on my mind.


Very moving and touching - makes you think about life.  


Listen to George play the piano. This was the music we used for our assembly. He taught himself the piece and the rest of the class supported him with some spontaneous singing!