The Arches Community Primary School Staff September 2017

 Headteacher: Michelle Ashfield

The number of staff allocated to each year group is dependant upon the level of need indicated by incidence of SEN and the need for ‘diminishing differences’ work

Year Group

Teacher’s  Name


Teaching Assistants      


Periwinkles - FS2

 Ceri Moffatt & Christine Crawford

 Laura Staff

 Michaela Whitfield 

 Sonia Armstrong



Boysenberry - 1/2 W


 Racael Campbell


 Debbie Edge

 Lisa Redford

Eminence - 1J


 Cara Jones



 Ann Whittaker

 Donna Hopwood





Mulberry - 2D

 Louise White 

 Nicky Johnson




 Elizabeth Rumsey

 Lisa Redford






 Indigo - 3F


 Jodie Fisher


 Sarah Jones



Violet - 3H


 Alice Hancock


 Zoe Holt

Palatinate - 4/5C

Rebecca Challinor - Deputy Headteacher


 Kerry Bowie

 Jo Borland

 Lindsey Liversage


Amethyst - 5M

 Sarah Murray

 Sarah Jones


 Holly Walker


 Karen Newell



Byzantium - 6W

 Sally Williamson

 Claire Brewster


 Clare Winterson


 Siobhan Bonner-Scott

 Head of Enhanced Provision - Sue Wilkins                                                             

 Intervention Manager - Hilary Probert                                                                          

 Music Lead -                                                             

 Learning Mentor - Julie Plested                                                                                 

 PPA/Subject Leader Cover Teacher- Lisa Johnson                                                    

 School Business Manager - Esther Lightfoot                                                            

 Adminstrators - Ashley Staff & John Whitfield                                                                                      


 Site Maintenance Officer - Chris Sadler                                                                  

 Catering - Julie Henry - Supervisor / Jane Rose / Lorraine Blythin / Kim Morris