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Welcome to our SMSC development page!



SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. In Palatinate SMSC development plays a pivotal part in our education! Through Palatinate's SMSC page, along with our other subject pages, we will share some of the many visits, lessons and activities that we have taken part in which contribute to our SMSC development! 


September 2017 - We all thoroughly enjoyed our Stonewall Workshop with Rob Partington. We reminded oursleves how important it is to celebrate our differences! Have a look at some of the images below to see what we got up to! 


September 2017 - Today representatives from the NSPCC visited us and reminded us about how to keep ourselves safe and what we can do if we dont feel safe in a situation. Have aa look through the gallery below to see some of the tings we have learned! 


Sepetmber 2017 - International Day of Peace. Today we celebrated 'International Day of Peace'. We thought about what 'peace' means to us, our community and the wider world. We learned about the United Nations and how it contributes to peace around the world, we also explored the different signs and symbols associated with peace. We also wrote acrostic poems about what peace means to us. Why not take a look at our class peace poem below? 


October 2017 - During October we celebrated 'One World Week'. We thought about the role we play in our school community, our local community and the wider global community! We also thought about ways in which we can positively impact on the lives of others and the people who positively impact on our lives! 



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