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Educational Visits!



As we are lucky enough to be entering our second year as Palatinate we have many new educational visits and even a residential to look forward to! While we wait in anticipation for this years exciting events why not take a look back at what we got up to last year!



Speke Hall - 16th March 2017

During our summer term, Palatinate have been exploring the lives of the Tudors and the differences between Tudor times and times today. What better way to do this than to become a Tudor for the day?! Today, Palatinate visited Speke Hall - a 16th century Tudor Manor House still in existence in Liverpool today. During a tour of the HUGE Tudor house, Palatinate learned about what a Tudor life entailed and the structure of Tudor life back then. Palatinate were amazed to realise boys had to wear dresses and not all children went to school! To be real Tudors for the day, Palatinate created their own Pomander - a handmade ball of fruit and spices carried by the Tudors to mask bad smells. We then continued to explore Speke Hall, learning more about Tudor clothing, family trees and architecture as well as the history and design of the infamous Tudor Rose. All in all, Palatinte had a fantastically informative day and were definitely happy to not be Tudor children! 


Chill Factore - 20th June 2017

What a day! Today Palatinate visited the Chill Factore in Manchester, brrrr! Once we had adjusted from the 30 degrees to the slightly cooler -5 degrees, we were lucky enough to take part in a variety of activities. In our two groups, we participated in rock climbing, sledging, tabogganing and skiing! Despite the mountainous heights, we reached for the top of the rock climbing wall ready to ring the bell for all to hear. It was higher than expected! Next up was the snow park.. with a few wobbly legs and our ski gear in tow, we headed towards the slopes and got on with our lesson. What can we say - we're naturals! With the odd fall here and there, we were well on our way to becoming professionals! With a lot of cold noses and frozen fingers, Palatinate made our way back to school ready for a good night's sleep! 




Chester Zoo - 22nd June 2017

Through our Sing for Songbirds conservation project, we quickly realised that the zoo was the place to be... So off we went! Alongside our Eminence friends, we set off on our short journey and arrived at the most visited zoo in the UK and one of the world's most highly rated zoos. None other than Chester Zoo! On arrival, we met with our guides and entered into our local magical kingdom full of excitement and anticipation. Up first, we were given some free time to briefly explore what the zoo had to offer and headed straight to see the 6 month old additions to the Hi Way elephant family - we were besotted! Next up, we visited the monkeys, lions, giraffes, buffalos and popped in to say hello to many more...


Our first official activity of the day linked back to the bird friendly gardens we desgined during our workshops - handmade bird feeders! With simply an apple, some seeds, some string and a stick the job was done! We are now looking forward to placing these in our gardens at home and throughout our school gardens. After feeding time at the zoo (animals and children!) and a sing song with Ashely Fayth - the songwriter of the Sing for Songbirds song, we headed towards the highlight of the day - the South East Asian islands where we transformed into conservationists! Here we explored a variety of bird species in the Monsoon Forest and headed towards the Bali Temple to admire the beautifully rare Bali Starling. Surrounded by the tranquile charms of the music, trickling water features and soothing songs from the Starlings, Palatine admired the beautiful and calm Bali Starlings in their natural surroundings and learned a little more about these close to extinction birds. After discussions surrounding the ways in which these birds are becoming extinct, it was time to head home for the day and leave the animals until next time. With our bird feeders in tow, we boarded our coaches and headed back to school full of facts and stories to tell on our return... Check out our gallery item of the day to see more! 


We would like to thank Chester Zoo once again for their delivery of the Sing for Songbirds project and in particular, for the generous donation of family passes for all Palatinate and Eminence children don't forget to use yours!