School Life

Aims and Ethos

At The Arches we respect each other and learn together.

Pupils at The Arches Community Primary School are entitled to an education that offers them the perfect opportunity to attain their full potential. Teachers strive to create the conditions for this to happen, whilst support staff, governors, parents and the Local Authority all assist in the process. Every individual has the entitlement to a sound education appropriate to their needs, regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, social class, religion, disability or special needs without being obstructed by others.

Our aims are to:

- provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum for all.

- ensure a safe, caring, happy and welcoming environment.

- promote self esteem through celebration of individual success.

- encourage a healthy life style.

- promote excellent partnerships with the local community.

- encourage high standards of behaviour and respect, for the school and its community.

Our principles are as follows:

- We build self-esteem of all individuals by recognising effort, talents and abilities. If it works, we do more of it - if it doesn't work, we do something different.

- We promote positive attitudes by making people feel valued. People have the necessary resources to make changes.

- We treat everybody in the school with respect. The problem is the problem, not the person.

- We provide a safe and happy environment. Adults and children co-operate together to enhance change.