Our Governing Body Members and Committees


Copies of the minutes of each meeting and the Headteachers’s report are also available in the school.

Parent Governors are nominated by the parents of pupils in the school. The Governing Body of The Arches Community Primary School is comprised of people who have very different backgrounds and experiences.


Governors and their Roles


Type of Governor 


Declaration of Interest

Term of Office

Mrs Michelle Ashfield Headteacher All Committees except Staff Dismissal, Pupil Discipline, Complaints & Appeals Silent Director of Husband's Ltd Company Ex-Officio
Mrs Carol Jones


Chair of Governors

Personnel, Finance, Enhanced Provision, Performance Management, Teaching & Learning, Staff Dismissal, School Development, Policy, Complaints & Appeals. Nothing to Declare 15/03/2017 - 14/03/2021
Mrs Rebecca Challinor Deputy Headteacher (Associate Member)

Teaching & Learning, Policy, Personnel.

All only in absence of Headteacher 

Nothing to Declare  
Mr Alan Tushingham LA Finance, Personnel, Policy, Pupil Discipline, Staff Dismissal, Headteachers Performance Management. Nothing to Declare 11/12/2017 - 10/12/2021
Mrs Sally-Ann Johnson


Enhanced Provision Nothing to Declare

24/11/2016 - 23/11/2020

Mrs Kerry Bowie Co-opted  Enhanced Provision Nothing to Declare 15/03/2017 - 14/03/2021
Mrs Esther Lightfoot Staff Finance, Personnel. Nothing to Declare  
Miss Ceri Moffatt (Fisher) Staff Teaching & Learning

Sister employed at The Arches

Husband employee of CWAC

16/03/2015 - 15/03/2019
Revd Tina Upton


Vice Chair

Personnel, Headteacher Performance Management. Nothing to Declare 15/03/2017 - 14/03/2021
June Middleton Co-Opted Enhanced Provision. Nothing to Declare 30/03/2016 - 29/03/2020
Warren Beatty Co-opted Health & Safety. Nothing to Declare 30/11/2015 - 29/11/2019
Samantha Keay Parent Teaching & Learning, Finance, Personnel. Nothing to Declare 16/12/2015 - 15/12/2019
Sam Stephenson Co-opted Health & Safety. Nothing to Declare 29/03/2016 - 30/03/2020
Shiela Little  Co-opted   Nothing to Declare

23/03/2018 -



Committee name Frequency of meeting

Examples of policy commitment…


See Policy Schedule

Health and Safety Termly

Health and Safety


Risk assessments

Chris Sadler

Sam Stevenson

Warren Beatty

Teaching and Learning Half termly





Michelle Ashfield

Carol Jones

Samantha Keay

Rev Tina Upton

Policy review Termly

To ratify on behalf of FGB

policies refreshed by


Michelle Ashfield

Carol Jones

Alan Tushingham

Enhanced Provision Half termly



Domestic abuse

Self Harm


Sue Wilkins

Nicky Johnson

Carol Jones

Rebecca Challinor

Sally-Ann Johnson

June Middleton

Kerry Bowie

Finance & Personnel Half termly Best Value

Esther Lightfoot

Carol Jones

Michelle Ashfield

Sam Keay

Rev'd Tina Upton 

Alan Tushingham








Attendance of previous meetings are available to download below.

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