Developing and increasing pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding of Mathematics is core to our curriculum. Through our teaching, we aim to ensure that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics to solve problems, calculate and reason. It is our aim that all pupils become confident in each of the areas of mathematics including Number and Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Measurement; Geometry and Statistics. 

Further information can be found in our policy below. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like Maths?

7out of 11 pupils gave a score of ten out of ten, while 3 pupils gave a score of 8 and one pupil gave a score of 7. Reasons for the lower scores were given as ‘sometimes things can be tricky at first’, ‘we have been doing really big numbers’ and ‘I sometimes find new things hard’.

What do you enjoy doing most in Maths?

Answers given included ‘adding fractions’, ‘subtractions’, ‘perimeter’ and ‘rounding’, ‘shape – diameter and radius and circumference’, ‘numbers’, ‘counting through zero’, ‘algebra, ‘counting past 100’, ‘multiplying with 2 and 3 digit numbers’, ‘long multiplication’, ‘using the column method’ and ‘counting past 1000’.

What do you find easy about Maths?

Answers included ‘column method’, ‘addition’, ‘the grid method’, ‘adding’, ‘subtraction and addition’, ‘multiplying fractions’, ‘simplifying fractions’ and ‘ratio and proprtion’.

What is hard about Maths?

Answers included Fractions – multiply fractions – converting fractions, fractions, 2 digit numbers, division – long disvision, 2 didgit numbers, times tables, square numbers,

How do you know what you need to do in order to improve?

Answers made reference to 'Next steps', objectives and WALTs, traffic lights and marking and included the following comments: Teachers give us next steps to help us. We get challenges or they might tell us what to do to help us do our corrections. We have an objective at the start of the lesson and we have to do a traffic light to show how we felt. The teacher does a smiley face if we meet the objective too.

We do BLP too. We talk about our learning powers and we choose 2 each week to work on.

We do effort grades too. If we are being an active learner we can get a 2. If you are working really hard you get a 1 but if you aren’t really trying you might get a 3. If someone is disruptive they might get a 4 or even a 5.

Tell me about something you did that you are really proud of in Maths?

Answers made reference to a variety of topics including: Adding fractions – I’m really good at that now! I can do shape names now. I’m an engaged learner in Maths and the other day I got a 1. I’m good at ratio and proportion now – it was really hard at first. I’m really good at short and long and putting thins in order (of size). I know my 7 times tables off by heart. I can do my sixes.

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