Distance Learning

Welcome to our distance learning page. Here, resources and web links will be uploaded daily and activities within these are expected to be completed on a daily basis. Instructions and expectations will be outlined below. 

All children will be expected to undertake 10-30 minutes of learning on a daily basis, completing curriculum activities outlined on this page each day. In addition, children will be expected to undertake an additional activity of their choice. Please continue to practise your spellings, times tables and phonics. All children will be provided with some learning materials such as books and pencils to aid them in completing these daily activities. Please complete activities in these books and continue to sign your reading log and have an adult do so. 

Remember the digital reading challenge now is active before ending in September. Please go to www.readingagency.org.uk for more information. It would be great if you could get involved! 

Monday 13th July
Task 1 (Computing)
Final week of the school year!  I thought it would be fun to end with a big, fat, fun Kahoot. J



Task 2 (Maths)
Today, I would like you to have a go at ordering numbers. Can you put these numbers in the order we would see them on a number line?

  1. 16      1       7        3        20        15      11  
  2. 30    27     22     35        52       41       39
  3. 21     46     20     73        37      82        43

Task 3 (English)
Oh no! My sentences have got jumbled up! Can you help me put them in order to make sure that they make sense?

  1. my   friends.    I    love
  2. cold   today.     is   It
  3. blue.     favourite     My  colour  is


Tuesday 14th July
Task 1 (Computing)
See Monday’s learning.

Task 2 (Maths)
I would like you to write these numbers in words.







Task 3 (English)
Can you use some adjectives to make 5 sentences about this teddy bear?

FABLER BJÖRN beige, Soft toy, 21 cm - IKEA

I will start.

The fuzzy teddy has fluffy fur.

Task 4 (Science)
Mrs Probert would like you to learn about dinosaurs this week!


Wednesday 15th July

Task 1 (Computing)
See Monday’s learning.

Task 2 (Maths)
Can you write the correct numbers for these words?







Task 3 (English)
As we only have 3 days left at school this year, I would like you to write 5 sentences about year 1/2. You can tell me about your classroom, your friends or even your teacher!

I will start.

In year 1/2 there are lots of phonics on the wall.

Task 4 (Geography)

We are in the season of summer right now. What are the differences between summer and winter?

Can you write 3 sentences on that is different?


Thursday 16th July

Task 1 (Computing)
See Monday’s learning.

Task 2 (Maths)

Task 3 (English)
Thinking about your geography from yesterday. Have a look out of the window. Can you write 4 sentences about what you can see.

Here is mine – I can see three green bushes with lots of yellow roses on them.

Task 4 (PE)
Lets get that blood pumping with a dance! Lets dance to pop se ko!


Any problems please email me on emccormick@thearches.cheshire.sch.uk and I will help you where I can. 

Miss McCormick 

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