Democracy Team

Welcome to our Democracy page! Here at The Arches, we believe in the importance of allowing children to voice their political views in a safe and trusting environment within which opinions and views can be freely expressed.


Alongisde our local cluster of BEV primary schools, the members of our democracy team have been working towards making this ideal situation, more realistic and accesible for all pupils within the school environment. To do this, members of The Arches democracy team have been collaborating to develop and promote an action plan for UNICEF's Rights Respecting Award - an award we are working towards through a whole school approach. The aim of this award is to create and promote a whole school ethos that respects the values of respect, dignity and non discrimination through powerful expression and language to increase children's self-esteem and wellbeing. Children are provided with the ability to challenge the way they feel they and other children are being treated, allowing them to make informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and learning. Through a mutually respectful view of differing opinions, teachers and pupils can value one another and treat one another as equals whilst addressign an array of social justice issues both at home and abroad. By instilling these values into our pupils now, we hope to promote their growth into well minded, responsible members of society who have been provided with a moral framework that places the rights of a child at the heart. Some of these rights include;


- the right to a name

- the right to an education 

- the right to share your views and say what you think as long as it is legal 


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Attending termly meetings with the BEV cluster of primary schools has allowed us to discuss our current school ethoses with regards to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the ways in which we can improve our school as we continue on our journey towards achieving this award. We started to ask ourselves what are children's rights? Do we make a conscious effort to adhere to these? Do children value these rights and have an awareness of them? To do this, we acknowledged all of the stakeholders who are invovled in our school experience in order to remain in communcation with all appropriate parties. 


What we have done so far:


- delivered a whole school assembly

- dispatched an informative letter to all parents about this award and our journey

- designed an in school display on children's rights and their importance

- met with governors to pitch our plan and future ideas

- dispatched a staff and pupil questionnaire to all school members



To end the chapter of this journey this year, we attended at whole day democracy school council event at JH Godwin Primary School alongside more than 20 other primary and secondary schools. At this event, the BEV primary schools presented their journey so far, what is invovled in working towards this award and our plans for the future, allowing other schools to gain an insight into this award and return to school with a new vision for this aspect of their school life. Remember to keep an eye out around school for Melissa, our Prime Minister and Aaron, our Deputy Prime Minister to ask them any questions you may have!


If you would like to learn more about this award and the rights involved, take a look at UNICEF's website for more information... 


Friday 23rd June

As well as our BLP day today, the democracy team were lucky enough to have another treat in store for us... Alongside our JH Godwin and Highfield democracy team peers, The Arches' Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister headed to Chester Town Hall to visit as part of the Blacon Education Democracy Project. Here, they visited the Lord Mayor's Parlour and had a personal tour and Q&A with Conservative Councillor Razia Daniels! We would like to thank Councillor Razi Daniels for this opportunity which has allowed us to broaden our political understanding and see where some major decisions are discussed for our local council within Chester!