The Highwayman

Date: 20th Jun 2017 @ 2:07pm

We are working on the poem, The Highwayman. We have looked at the characters of Bess, Tim and The Highwayman in quite a lot of detail.

Share your thoughts about the poem with the rest of the class.

What was your favourite part? Which character do you like/dislike and why?

Add any of your own thoughts about the poem to our class blog.

Teri-ann A wrote:

maybe bess and the highwayman get killed or get shot.

Tom H wrote:

I like The Highwayman as he was lucky enough to get Bess to like him and I dislike Tim as he killed her.

Aliyah M wrote:

Maybe Tim calls king Georges men to send the Highwayman to jail and can have Bess to himself

Tayha R wrote:

My favourite part is when Bess comes to see if the highway man is there. And I like Bess because she is nice and done nothing rong and I don't like Tom because he killed Bess and is jelous of the highways man and Bess I like the story because it's interesting to see how much people can get jealous of someone that loves some else!

Jack J wrote:

My favourite character is Tim because he is mischievous and crafty when spying on Bess and the highwayman. My favourite part is when the highwayman is shot down on the highway,which he comes back to life as a ghost,and then falls in love with Bess again. Tim told King George and his troup and they all killed the highwayman but before that they stormed into the inn and tied Bess up. Bess shot herself. Would you do this?

Tia N wrote:

i loved the highwayman it was amazing im really upset with tim he shoudnt have told on them!
bess and the highwayman were a happy couple until tim wanted his own way!

thank you mrs murray for everything

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